Topic 10 – Trust

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1) What does this meant by the following statements?
Trust is not associative (non-symmetric)
Meaning when one party does trust the other party in the same way. For example a seller may trust that the buyer will deliver in terms of the money required but the buyer may not trust the product being advertised by the seller. Or they may not trust that the product will be delivered. And vice verse, the seller might not trust that the buyer gives legitimate information and payment details. For trust to not be associative and non-symmetric means it is not mutual to both parties.
This YouTube clip shows an example.

Trust is not transitive
This means that just because one party can deliver on a particular important element, that doesn’t mean that they can be completely trustworthy with other just as relevant aspects. In the same way, being experienced and predictable is just as important to creating and maintain trust, so businesses need to be experienced in every area of their business to perform well. If they are transitive they don’t have these elements.

Trust is always between exactly 2 parties
To perform successful business transactions and operate businesses online efficiently, trust must be mutual for two parties. The party that delivers the service and the party that receives are generally strangers so the service must all be agreeable and have the same expectations to sustain a strong trust relationship and satisfy both parties needs.

Trust will involve either direct trust or recommender trust
Direct trust is usually in the form of written documentation and is for the sole purpose creating a free and deliberate positive relationship between both parties involved.
Recommender trust is when trust is spoken of between two parties and expectations are set in place in delivering trust but no written documentation is required.

2a) Some of the elements that the following sites have incorporated to increase your trust in them.
Gives thorough information about how the site was developed and operates
Law Enforcement tab
Gives you options to contact them
Allows you to use varying payment options

Different options for banking and credit cards depending on your own needs
Contains information about ANZ
Corporate Responsibility Information
Confidentiality with personal information
Research into how they operate. Previous circumstances
Security and Privacy statement
Can monitor and create your own account
Able to contact the site operators
Has ways to manage your personal account
Offers financial protection when shopping
Business option and personal option


2b) Find a web site yourself that you think looks untrustworthy.
Sites that don’t have privacy statements or protection over your personal information aren’t trustworthy. Also if they have bad credentials and it is common knowledge that they don’t have a good rate of delivering on their service as well as not having a support service. An example of this would be this website lists other sites that consumers have had particular difficulty with. A consumer described how they were a victim of the above untrustworthy site.

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